The Selfie Camera app is here to modify your images. This app can magically change your pictures into some beautiful bright photos. You capture an image and feel that your complexion seems too dark? Not a problem anymore. With the amazing editing effects of the SelfieCam app, you can change your picture’s color and too many other things.

For example, you can add some real amazing effects to your photos. You will definitely love these all new effects and would want to apply them to your photos.
There is a long list of filters that you can apply to your photos to make them go wow. Some of the filters available now are:
Fluorescent, Portrait, Sand/Snow, Landscape, Cloudy, Shade, Sunset, Night, Darken, Backlit, Flash, and Theatre etc.

You can change the enhancement level of your photos like high, medium, and low.

Brightness and Saturation

You can change the brightness of the pictures. In addition, saturation and contrast level can be adjusted according to your own choice.
Advance Features
Some other advanced features for your image’s further colorization in this awesome app are:


With these stunning features, this app will prove to be the best photo editing app.